The Luminance Contrast Assessment Tool (LCAT) complies with the methodology outlined in Appendix B of AS 1428.1 (2009) and Appendix E of AS/NZS 1428.4.1 (2009) for assessing the luminance reflective values (LRV) of building elements and tactile indicators tested in a laboratory and uses the Bowman-Sapolinski equation:

C = 125 (Y2 − Y1)/(Y1 + Y2 + 25), where:

C = luminance contrast

Y1 and Y2 = luminous reflectance values (or LRV) of the two surfaces

Note – LRV is often referred to as light reflectance value or luminance reflective value also.

Access Central provides this tool for free.

Why have we developed this tool? For two reasons:

  1. To help stakeholders understand their obligations in achieving compliance; and
  2. To give stakeholders the tools to confirm compliance.

You can get a copy of the LCAT here

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