The following example shows how the Luminance Contrast Assessment Tool (LCAT) can be used to check two colours against each other to determine if a 30% luminance contrast will be achieved. In this case, the door and door frame will be Dulux Black, with the adjoining wall painted Dulux Pink Style. The question is, does this combination provide a compliant luminance contrast as per Australian Standard AS 1428.1-2009, Clause 13.1?

Dulux Pink Style, LRV 27

Luminance Contrast Example 2 Colour 1Luminance Contrast Example 2 Colour 1 LRV

Dulux Black, LRV 3

Luminance Contrast Example 2 Colour 2Luminance Contrast Example 2 Colour 2 LRV

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When the two LRV values, 27 and 3, are entered into the LCAT we get these results, which confirms the paint colour combination will achieve a 30% luminance contrast, in fact, it achieves a 54% luminance contrast.

Luminance Contrast Example 2 Screenshot

You can get a copy of the LCAT here or view other examples of the LCAT in use here: