The following example shows how the Luminance Contrast Assessment Tool (LCAT) can be used to check two colours against each other to determine if a 30% luminance contrast will be achieved. In this case, visual pictograms on an overhead sign will use a Dulux Outrageous Red colour, with the adjoining surface of the sign using Dulux Button Eyes. The question is, does this combination provide a 30% luminance contrast?

Dulux Outrageous Red, LRV 15

Luminance Contrast Example 3 Colour 1Luminance Contrast Example 3 Colour 1 LRV

Dulux Button Eyes, LRV 7

Luminance Contrast Example 3 Colour 2Luminance Contrast Example 3 Colour 2 LRV

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When the two LRV values, 15 and 7, are entered into the LCAT we get these results, which confirms the paint colour combination will NOT achieve a 30% luminance contrast, as it only achieves a 21% luminance contrast.

Luminance Contrast Example 3 ScreenshotYou can get a copy of the LCAT here or view other examples of the LCAT in use here: